Ctrl Panel  adkfa -you- cheater

Please don't ask for -> [HELP] :(
Please don't ask for -> [HELP]
({{ || "off"}})[{{modes.auto_clean.text}}]
Trash man says "{{flakes.length}}/{{modes.auto_clean.limit}} ({{modes.auto_clean.cut_to}})"
{{flakes.length}} flakes; {{embers.length}} embers..."
({{|| "off"}})[{{modes.is_meteor.text}}]
o O {{liquid.flicker_eye[liquid.flicker_cyc%3]}}

O{{liquid.flicker[liquid.flicker_cyc%3]}}M: Outside My Mind

Why can't I see? I'm sure my eyes are open

... I'm almost positive I'm awake, I can move and feel

... I've been here before ... it'll be alright ...
... can you hear me on the wind? I think I'm omw
please type 'focus' you're getting confused



) O

{{fs["vert"]}}% {{fs['definition']}}