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For real though - Senior Software Engineer @ at a big data firm ;)
This scammer was mean

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Cognitive Language Machine / Custom Print Books

My name is Jon Klopfer. I am a successful software engineer. I have struggled my entire life with a learning disability in written language. Learning to cope with my disability has led me to approach the comprehension of written language in novel and unorthodox ways.

One result of my novel approach to comprehension of written language is that I have created and developed tools to assist me in understanding language and how grammar works. The culmination of those efforts is embodied in the Cognitive Language Machine.

I feel it is my obligation to give these tools away for free, because I believe education should be available to everyone, and everyone deserves a chance to learn. The educational applications of the Cognitive Language Machine tools will provide an alternative way to help people gain a mastery of language.

The Cognitive Language Machine needs a framework for users to input text, transform it, and store it. These user interface functions will be performed through the CustomPrintBooks website. With these user inputs, the CustomPrintBooks website will apply the Cognitive Language Machine to generate customized, user-directed variations of public domain, copyright-free books.

Generating custom books is a simple (not the act of it, but the application) and practical application of the Cognitive Language Machine. The CustomPrintBooks website has low startup costs, low risk, and the potential for net revenues that can fund continued development of the Cognitive Language Machine, including educational tools and applications.

2014-03-03 2:37:20 EST
The font used on this site is The Open Dyslexic Font Face. It is designed to make reading computer fonts easier for people who have Dyslexia.
2014-01-03 2:37:20 EST
The framework for my blog/whatever posts I'll figure out at some point--
but for now, have a some interesting links.

How Language Seems To Shape One's View Of The World

When risking it all for a startup-- this somehow makes sense Princess Chelsea - We're So Lost

Naturally me - my facebook link

Yeah, this is me. I can't lie - my name dot com
My tagline apparently is: A place where curvaceous, naked, creatures live, eat, fuck, fight, and die.
How unprofessional of me - No clue when I made that site - 6 years ago maybe.

Apparently at some point I had a twitter account - it sounds like me though, so I don't discount it.

JenniferLingeman On Etsy - Beautiful jewlery by a wondeful woman! - an ecommerce framework I made years ago
But really a company I love and respect. Buy stuff They're good people.

This is all just a place holder-- will shortly (keep in mind the DT stamp mentioned above) will be a normal, more logically professional website.

You know who you are. You invovled hopefully signed your confidentialy contracts.
At least can be totally me - and I can say Fuckin' here.

Okay, so now a Gus Anderson Quote
"Freedom, a well accepted human right, falls under the concept of relative perception. Violations of natural rights only ocures when someone has not what you take for granted. Morality is an advent of man [or woman], therefore it is by nature subject to the bias of the inventor- thus in our own conception- 'human right' is constrained by the person viewing violations of their personal 'accepted' entitlements. Furthermore- If they are unwilling to scarifice for the good of thoes they see violations commited aginst- they're no better then a piece of dust angery because it is alergic to itself, or a cannablistic bacteria that fucks itself to nothingness"
-Gus Anderson
1023 CE+- 1000 years(ish)

Honestly, That sounds more like Shawn Anderson then Gus...

Mr. Jon Klopfer wrote this site as a place holder in a few minutes. If you are offended, go fuck yourself, Jon is your friend and no offence intended.